It’s about all About Leadership


You're new to leadership. You’ve seen and experienced bad leadership and you say to yourself, “How do I make sure that isn't me?” Cultivate the habits from that start that put you on the road to success, fulfillment, and effectiveness as a leader.


There is a transition coming in your future; it may already be upon you. Whether that is a complete career change, a promotion, leaving the military, retiring and wanting to start a second career or simply just bigger responsibilities in your current role. Understand what result is going to make you the most fulfilled and productive and develop a plan that gets you there.


You’re already in leadership, but you know that there’s a way, and a need, to take your leadership to the next level. Ensure you are the leader your team needs you to be every day. Great leaders set the tone for great teams. Be the leader that empowers their team to achieve amazing results by asking yourself and others these key questions about your leadership style:

  • What do I keep?

  • What do I chuck?

  • What do I add?

  • What do I change?

Economic Analysis

I’d like to add a new services section called “Economic Analysis”. There are many great idea, but not all of them have the chops to be great projects. Let me help you pull back the veil and get to the heart of your project’s viability, benefits, costs, and socioeconomic effects. Click here to see my consulting resume including a list of completed projects.