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I spent 20 years as a consulting economist and rose steadily up the ladder (as we are supposed to, right?). People knew my name within the company and also out in the community. My work appeared in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and in peer-reviewed journals. I was speaking to large audiences. I was successful, to the outside eye. But inside, I felt like I was stuck inside a box. My passion, creativity and joy for what I was doing were quickly diminishing.

It was time for a change. I left my position and broke out of the box. And I found more fulfillment, joy and sense of accomplishment than I had in decades. Now, I coach others as they take that same step out of the box.

My clients learn to create the space they need to reignite their internal strategic thinker and creative spirit. When we work together you’re going to find the gift of the time and space needed to think deeper, creatively eliminate problems that have been holding you back, and create the journey you’ve always wanted. You’ll also have a partner that will support you, push you and hold you accountable.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me in the kitchen cooking a meal for my wife and two sons or traveling all over the world. This guy from Vermont has had the opportunity to visit amazing places like the Soviet Union, Eastern and Southern Africa, Oceana and Central America. 

My charitable and volunteer passions include improving the quality of America's early childhood education and the availability of quality Pre-K experiences, protecting critical ecological habitats by creating economic opportunities, and educating Alaskans about their economy.

Connections are so important on this journey of life and maybe you are reading this right now because you and I were meant to connect at this very point in your life. If you are ready, please reach out.


I enjoyed having someone safe to share my fears and challenges with that was outside of the situation. It’s hard to rely on your boss for every little thing, in fact, I would say that’s not healthy. Mostly, I just needed someone with more experience than me, that understood a technical job with leadership responsibilities, to have a focused conversation about my challenges. That was really what enabled me to get my ideas straight and execute solutions.

My favorite thing about you in particular is how well you listen and then your participation in the conversation – you provide feedback in a way that seems like I’m just having a conversation with a friend. That is a mighty powerful skill.



You can have the change you desire. Even if you aren’t even sure what that change is yet. Believe me, if you’re open to it, you’ll find it. For instance, if you told my 10-year-old self (just a kid from Vermont) that I’d grow up, travel all over the world and eventually live in Alaska, I doubt I would have believed you.

You spend the first several decades of your life on a preprogrammed path: elementary and secondary education, followed by college/trade school/the military, and then somewhere along the way you may pick up a life partner, a spouse, children, or other significant responsibilities. And that times flies doesn’t it? It’s not going to slow down either, and the reason my tag line is ‘Fly Higher,’ is because you can’t stop the flight, but you can surely change the direction.

One day you wake up and realize that the sideboards are off your life. You’ve done what society said you were supposed to do and the path in front of you diverges or becomes unclear. Now what? Spinning your wheels takes on a whole new meaning and you are tired of getting stuck in the proverbial mud.

For the first time in your life there’s no defined next step. It’s a moment of ultimate potential and creativity, but many of us just feel overwhelmed by fear, doubt, and uncertainty. If you do get out of that mud, won’t it just splatter all over you? Even though the road could get messy, it’s worth it. If you need someone to come and push you out of that mud, I’m game.

It’s time to create your own path, one that speaks to your values and your purpose.

Together, we can build that path by aligning your purpose, your values, and your vision with your next steps. We’ll create a framework that allows you to make powerful, fulfilling decisions for the rest of your life. Imagine the power of being able to create your best path forever. And even though that sounds really profound and a bit scary, it’s going to be fine. I’m here as your sidekick on this ride and we can laugh along the way.

Find clarity, procrastinate less, align with your purpose and values, develop a vision and execute your plan. Experience a greater sense of fulfillment and empower yourself both professionally and personally. You have a story and you deserve a coaching approach that’s crafted to meet your needs.

 Change is possible. Are you ready?




Lets Begin.


It’s about all About Leadership


You're new to leadership. You’ve seen and experienced bad leadership and you say to yourself, “How do I make sure that isn't me?” Cultivate the habits from that start that put you on the road to success, fulfillment, and effectiveness as a leader.


There is a transition coming in your future; it may already be upon you. Whether that is a complete career change, a promotion, leaving the military, retiring and wanting to start a second career or simply just bigger responsibilities in your current role. Understand what result is going to make you the most fulfilled and productive and develop a plan that gets you there.


You’re already in leadership, but you know that there’s a way, and a need, to take your leadership to the next level. Ensure you are the leader your team needs you to be every day. Great leaders set the tone for great teams. Be the leader that empowers their team to achieve amazing results by asking yourself and others these key questions about your leadership style:

  • What do I keep?

  • What do I chuck?

  • What do I add?

  • What do I change?

Economic Analysis

I’d like to add a new services section called “Economic Analysis”. There are many great idea, but not all of them have the chops to be great projects. Let me help you pull back the veil and get to the heart of your project’s viability, benefits, costs, and socioeconomic effects. Click here to see my consulting resume including a list of completed projects.