"...you provide feedback in a way that seems like I’m just having a conversation with a friend."  

I enjoyed having someone safe to share my fears and challenges with that was outside of the situation.  It’s hard to rely on  your boss for every little thing, in fact, I would say that’s not healthy.  Mostly, I just needed someone with more experience than me, that understood a technical job with leadership responsibilities, to have a focused conversation about my challenges.  That was really what enabled me to get my ideas straight and execute solutions.
My favorite thing about you in particular is how well you listen and then your participation in the conversation – you provide feedback in a way that seems like I’m just having a conversation with a friend.  That is a mighty powerful skill.
As a leaders we often assure our family, employees, and peers that “we got it” whatever the “it” may be. But do we really? Are we operating at our best? Are we clear on our direction? Getting companies and leaders to understand that getting clarity for their companies through support is important is not easy. It seems even more difficult for individuals within companies to understand the value for personal/professional clarity. My response to Jonathan was, “I got this. I am fine on all fronts.” But did I have it? Was I fine? And was fine enough for the level of effectiveness I expected of myself? If you haven’t asked yourself the question, “what does “got it” look like,” or if you answered the question flippantly, I highly encourage you to have a conversation with Jonathan. I have an obligation to those that I support that I am operating at my best. I would never think of short changing those that depend on me to do their job and that means ensuring I am running on all cylinders with clarity. Jonathan doesn’t give you clarity, he empowers you to achieve it, and supports the actionable plan to move you forward. Can’t say enough.