Culture and Energy Flow from the Top

The culture and energy of our organizations starts at the top. Leaders who are struggling with their organizations culture and energy need to start by looking at themselves first. 

Do you encourage your employees to take vacation, but then call the office when you're on vacation?

Does your staff not communicate with each other, but you find yourself spending most of your time in your office working on your own projects?

If you want a certain culture, there's no choice but to walk the talk.

Start with yourself.
Change takes time.
Keep at it, reward change.

Level 7

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Does This Sound Like You?

“I haven’t started my website because I have NO idea where to start!”

“I don’t even feel comfortable with Google yet, let alone how to manage a website!”

“I know what I want to say to my clients, but I don’t know how to communicate that in words that will get them to become a paying client.”

“Honestly, thinking about all that needs to get done makes me want to cry!"

"I don't want to be bothered with all this tech stuff... I just want to work with my clients."

These feelings of “tech-overwhelm” often became showstoppers, preventing new business owners from officially launching their business.

We'd never want technology phobias holding you back from serving the world with your talents, so we created Level 7 Websites with YOU in mind.

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